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Mango Surprise from the Sky

Bap! Sitting under a mango tree seems like a shade-blessed idea under the hot summer sun…until a mango falls! Fortunately, Honore took the hit on his leg not his head. A few minutes later he laughed and said now he was going to eat it, as revenge. Twice a year I love...

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I Saw Jesus Lying on a Street Bench

I heard Jesus was lying on a bench out on the streets in downtown Hamilton, Ontario. People had called the police. So I wanted to go see him. I was in Hamilton for my first trip to launch my new book. These trips are always a gift, and I have many of them planned over...

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Aftershocks and Fear

As we come to the 6th anniversary of Haiti’s earthquake, I’m reflecting on the many who lost their lives. The many whose lives were changed by who and what they lost. I’m also thinking of the courage of those who survived, including those we get to call colleagues and...

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I’ll Miss You, Aunt Donna-Jean

My Aunt Donna-Jean died last week. She was a wonderful aunt. Quite what you would hope for in an aunt: she believed I was much smarter, braver, and handsomer than I actually am. And then over a lifetime I think her belief did actually help me become just a little...

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New Book Next Year! Slow Kingdom Coming

Hi, friends. Quick note to state the obvious: I've been very quiet on here for the past, well, long time. I didn't stop writing though. I was working on a new book. The first draft is done and I'll be finishing revisions over the next couple of months. I'll have more...

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Exploring the Extremes

I like exploring at extremes, whether it’s trying to push my own limits or understanding someone else’s. A few recent thoughts: In the spring I traveled to Bangkok to write about people living and working in slums around the world. I wrote a cover story...

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