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During this past year I wrote my second book, “AFTER SHOCK: Searching for Honest Faith When Your World Is Shaken.”

It’s about (alas, putting something into a sentence what you hope necessarily took 40,000 words) stories from Haiti and my own wrestling with faith, suffering, and doubt after the Haiti earthquake. I think/hope it’s meaningful for anyone who deals with these big questions or with crises of faith (even if you have no connection to Haiti).

It comes off the press the first week of January, so should (if you so choose) be available to arrive to you by mid-January at the latest. I’ll include a few links here below:

See a video for the book over in the right column.

This is a new website, as of today, which I hope can be a good way to connect.

Some early endorsements (for which I’m incredibly grateful) here.

An excerpt of part of a chapter here.

You can pre-order from Amazon here.

Look forward to sharing this with you and hearing your thoughts. Thanks.