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Earlier this year, as part of the release of this book, there was a chance for six people to win a free trip to Haiti. There were over 80 essay submissions. Most of them were really thoughtful. It was an honor to read them.

And then I realized what a dumb idea the whole thing was when having to say “no” to about 74 people. Alas. But six great people came on the trip with me (along with my friend and fantastic editor, Dave Zimmerman). We had a really meaningful time and have stayed in touch.

For those who weren’t able to come, I’m sorry it wasn’t possible. There were many more people who wrote essays who I wanted a chance to meet and take the trip with.

Really grateful to everyone at Haiti Partners and InterVarsity Press who helped make this possible.

Because I’ve been behind on everything this year, I didn’t get to post about this. And for those interested in meeting the people and reading the essays of those who came on the trip in May this year, click here.