Slow Kingdom Coming: Practices for Doing Justice, Loving Mercy, and Walking Humbly in the World

“Seeking first the kingdom of God often feels like running the last mile of a marathon in wet sand. Progress seems painfully slow, and we often want to cry out in agony. Kent Annan provides us with practices to give us strength in the race so that we can run and not grow weary. I wish I’d had this book years ago!”

– Brian Fikkert, founder and president of the Chalmers Center at Covenant College, and co-author of When Helping Hurts

“How can I say this? Each day when I move out into the world, I want to be clothed with the truths shared in Slow Kingdom Coming. I’m not, but I want to be. I want to be as gentle and as smart as Kent is as he writes. I want to be as opened-eyed and open-hearted as those he quotes, from Weil and Bonhoeffer to a homeless vet in a dark park and a young mom praying over a photo on her refrigerator. When the book comes out, I’ll recommend it to everyone I know who want to do justice more wisely and love mercy more purely and walk ever more humbly with our God. Yes, I love this book!”

– Lynne Hybels, Advocate for Global Engagement, Willow Creek Community Church

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AFTER SHOCK: Searching for Honest Faith when your world is shaken


“Kent has put into words the questions many of us wrestle with in silence, and done so with such humanity and humility, it’s impossible to walk away unchanged. This is a raw, beautiful and courageous book, brimming with truth on every page.”

– Rachel Held Evans, author and blogger

“It is hard to explain how I can say that this is a truly beautiful book, when it comes out of a background of such horror. But that was my dominant emotion as I finished it. Beautiful, perhaps, because up-close honesty is beautiful where the clichés of certainty-at-a-distance are repellant. Beautiful because it touches depths of reality where the beauty of God glimmers through the inexplicable darkness of suffering and the desperation of faith, love and hope. Of course, it is also a deeply disturbing book. But if its brutal honesty upsets you, or if the questions it throws before God with baffled anger and gritty trust seem too irreverent, perhaps you have not really spent enough time in the company of Jeremiah, Job, the psalmists–and Jesus.”

– Christopher J.H. Wright, author of The Mission of God

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“This wonderful book is as much about faith and commitment and service and love and love of service as it is about the author and about Haiti. Please read it. You will be uplifted and you will be inspired, but most of all you will enjoy it.”

– Edwidge Danticat Author, Brother I’m Dying

“Kent Annan’s Following Jesus through the Eye of the Needle is an unsparingly honest story of relocation to Haiti that captures the complexities of crossing differences of power, wealth, and culture in hopes of being part of God’s work of transformation, without and within. It’s funny, gritty, and strangely hopeful—just what a Christian memoir should be.”

– Andy Crouch, author of Culture Making

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Kent is available to speak about his books and his experiences working in Haiti.

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