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Flying to Haiti tomorrow. Didn’t think I’d be able to; the airport has been closed because of demonstrations around the election. American Airlines starts flying again tomorrow. Anxious to be there talking and working with friends and colleagues. (There are regular updates from colleagues on our Haiti Partners blog.)

There are always requests that come in for carrying things down. This time: mail, some Creole books on counseling and trauma, rehydration kits (for colleagues and friends to potentially get them through the initial stage of cholera), a three-hole punch,rechargeable AA and AAA batteries, some dresses for our goddaughter, and other things from lists from different people that I’ll (hopefully) rediscover in the next few hours.

Back-up my laptop: always try to remember that one too, since I hate being anxious about such a dumb thing when I’m there.

Tense and tough times continue in Haiti. Of course in many ways the packing list, the backing up, it all seems too small or trivial in the face of the overwhelming circumstances people are dealing with. On the other hand, what can we do other than focus on what we can do–and pay attention to the details and do it well.